Let’s Hear It For The Boys – Brotox for Men

Let’s Hear It For The Boys – Brotox for Men

Let’s Hear It For The Boys and let’s talk “Brotox” (Botox for Men) because it’s Brovember, Movember and a good time to say PKMD Medical Aesthetics provides services for men too. Every November my husband sports his Movember moustache and I support him in his yearly itchy endeavour. It’s something he does because he likes the Movember movement and what it signifies. Most importantly he does it for himself and that is the purpose of this post. I know many of you may think Botox is for girls, but that’s not true. Research shows that if you like the way you look, it positively impacts all aspects of your life. Brotox isn’t a cure-all…but it sure helps.

So how does it work? Botox temporarily weakens and paralyses tiny muscles in your face to slow the formation of lines and wrinkles that develop overtime from certain expressions. It softens existing lines and with repeat treatments can eliminate them because the muscles lose their strength. What is the effect of Botox? Most people report looking younger, more vibrant, and my favourite…well rested. If you decided to stop having Botox treatments then there are no repercussions except your lines and wrinkles will gradually return. When lines are well established and aren’t going away with Botox treatments, we can use DermalFillers. Fillers can lift acne scars, erase lines, and add volume to give a more chisselled look. Fillers last 1-2 years depending on the area injected and with Botox the products last longer, which means more bang for your buck! I will share more about Dermal Fillers in an upcoming post.

Men have more muscle mass so they require more Botox per treatment than women. On average, a Botox treatment will last 3 months but has a cumulative effect, so if you return every three months you will require less Botox over time. In our clinic, Botox is affordable because we believe that less is more. We only charge for units administered and we start slowly because we can always provide more Botox but once it is in we can’t take it out.
Botox isn’t for everyone and there are risks associated with the treatment. Please make sure you are not getting a “deal” on Botox. Only qualified and certified physicians and nurses should be administering Botox and this is the law in B.C. The Colleges that regulate physicians and nurses have established these laws to protect people from the devastating effects of knock-off Botox purchased on the internet and non-qualified people from administering it. The bottom line on cheap Botox – as the old saying goes…it is too good to be true.

If you want to talk more about what Botox can do for you then book a consultation at PKMD Medical Aesthetics. We educate each client about the product, the risks and benefits, and provide a cost estimate. Call our clinic today or book online through our Facebook page or Schedulicity.com. All our services are confidential and we provide exceptional care in a clinical setting.

Gentlemen, it’s your turn to love the skin you are in!