She’s Got The Lift!

She’s Got The Lift!

What is the lift and how do I get it? The Botox eyebrow lift is a very affordable and sought after treatment in our clinic. If you are like me and regardless of how much sleep I get I am genetically predisposed to have heavy (fatty) upper eyelids then the brow lift is right for you!

My mother (sorry mum) had blepharoplasty to surgically remove excessive upper eyelid fat and skin years ago and the results were amazing. However, we don’t all have the means to afford such an invasive procedure and it doesn’t actually lift the brow. We have many clients that have had blepharoplasty but still have the Botox lift because it compliments the procedure and provides a more youthful appearance.

A Botox brow lift requires careful measurment to give a client the best result. There is no down time and costs 40-80$ depending on the desired look and lasts 3-4 months. Dosing is adjusted to reduce asymmetry and results vary but 99% of clients are delighted with the lift they receive. Like all Botox treatments, the lift is cumulative and the milimeters are miles when people ask, “what is different about you?” Or my favourite, “you look so rested!”

If you are like me (before Botox) and lost your eyelids and no longer put on eyemakeup because well what’s the point then it’s time to consider a lift. This is my favourite treatment and I want to share it because it is money well spent!

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Only you will know you got the lift!